29 December 2010

Behavioural Targeting - Bad? Creepy? - er.. Yup Probably

Personally I don't like behavioural targeting. I do find it creepy and well just a little too invasive for my liking. But I put some of that down to two major factors. I am slightly older as a Boomer and also because I have a more European attitude to privacy.

Regular readers will know that I am very focused on the abuse of privacy.

Now we are starting to see some hard evidence of how the rest of the world sees it. Well at least how Americans see it.

In a recent article by eMarketer using data from Gallup and USA Today seems to support the same sentiment that I expressed above. Further it would seem that the more mature

The way you have to read this chart above is to read it in reverse. IE that the 40% is the best showing IE 60% is negative to the idea.

And it would seem that attitudes are hardening - even when "freebies" are offered.

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