20 December 2010

Digital Trends for 2011 - eMarketer's picks and the Professor's align

I like eMarketer... I don't want to sound too praising but it is a great short hand way to get data.

So I was very interested in their 2011 picks.

Trend 1: Apps Invade All Platforms
Trend 2: Content Consumption Convergence
Trend 3: Location, Location, Location
Trend 4: Social Gets Its Share of Marketing Dollars
Trend 5: Real-Time Bidding
Trend 6: Targeting Audiences vs. Content
Trend 7: Online Privacy Debate Heats Up

Do any of these sound familiar?

if you are a regular follower of the Professor's Wisdom - you will know that I have been watching most of these.

During 2011 - I will continue to follow these elements and then some.


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