18 December 2010

eDigital Research Online Benchmarks Suspect

I am a big user of online travel websites. Not just because its my business but because in true fashion I eat my own dog food.

I have to say that the latest etravel benchmark results from eDigital Research leave me a little cold.

In the past I have questioned their methodology. But then perhaps the issue is that the general service sucks in Online Travel Sites. I find so many things that are just - well obnoxious to a consumer.

Annoying popups are thankfully a think of the past. Well almost - they still appear. They are almost so extinct that it might be time to bring one or two of them back!!!

But seriously almost every site I go to seems to annoy me. I cannot possibly be alone. There are very few sites that I cannot break or cause a failure.

I still find BA's site hard to navigate. In discussing the issues with the online chaps there - and nice they are too - they clearly are very passionate about what they are doing - however I find silly things like widget swap over from one side to the other. Also there is a strong need to make the navigation simpler and more logical. One can get lost. I do. Frequently!

But perhaps this is a general phenomenon - I just did some Xmas shopping online - and Amazon's site was horrid. I know they are trying to merchandise me - but you know - I really dont want to be in their game.

So I remain depressed that Online Travel Sites in general suck. I really want to see someone get out there and do a much better job. I have some hope that things like the Hipmunk design can bring better experiences to the user.

Let's hope things get better...

Cheers (or is it Bah Humbug!)

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