20 December 2010

Hold That Thought... Frivolous Xmas Gifts - The Professor's Virtual Gift List

So in the interests of public safety and sanity - it is time to send things to your nearest and dearest.

So here is my Holiday Gift virtual List.

To Jeff Clarke @Travelport - The USB Aromatherapy System so he can chill out during the battle with AA

To Cory Gartner and the AA Jedi team - Yoda Desktop Protector so they can continue the battle with the afore named Travelport

To The Spanish Owners of BAA - The Pedestal Fan as they might be feeling a bit of heat right now.

To Both Sets of Lawyers in the AA/Travelport battle - The Paper Shredder so they can save the planet

To the Team @TNooz - the Missile launcher - so they can continue to report important facts and insight.

To Boeing and Rolls Royce - A joint gift, Boeing for the 787 and RR for the Trent 900 and 1000 engines - The Stress Ball may it soothe you.

To PJ and Cloud 12 PR - You need a new hobby - here it is the USB Garden

To My Mail Box - Because you are really starting to piss me off, the Message Light

To the Google Travel Team - Because you have to be a bunch of Aliens out to dominate the human race, The Alien.

To Jim Davidson and his Production team - The USB radio mic - so he can continue broadcasting those amusing ditties.

And to myself - the USB Powered Desk Slippers. Better than a Snugli!

If you want to send me a virtual gift - please do...

Happy Holidays everyone... more frivolity is coming your way over the next few days.


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