22 December 2010

LoopHole Closes on Cheap Financing - AF/KL files to get one in quick

The major countries have agreed to raise the rates of the cheap guaranteed funding for planes from Airbus and Boeing.

This should end the war of words that have allegedly benefited the emerging Mid East Carriers such as Emirates. The major airlines of Europe and USA complained bitterly that this was unfair.

On the same day that the agreement was announced, AF/KL decided they didnt want to wait and for the deadline - they are going to get as much financing in before the deadline. They filed for a Boeing Aircraft beneficial funding support from Exim Bank.

Frankly I think this is a bit of hot air - but understand that the airlines who not are benefiting are PO'd but be careful what you wish for. Ultimately this could end up benefiting The next gen narrow bodies from Bombardier and Co. Particularly The Japanese, The Russians and the Chinese.

Perhaps these governments may have just shot themselves seriously in the foot


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