23 December 2010

The Professor's Xmas Wishes

So what is Santa bringing you under the tree this year?

Well since I bought Tivo during the year - I will have to give it a content boost - probably I will make a netflix subscription.

I wont reveal what I bought as a communal gift for family and friends but I will reveal one tomorrow.

But here is my big wish for 2011.

That we will finally get a way to search and display the true value based price to the consumer.

Boring But really important.

For other wishes... let's hope Google plays nice when it buys ITA.
Let's hope AA et al work it out in an equitable way.


That we are all safe and sound this time next year to enjoy it.

Cheers and peace and love to you and your families this holiday season.

The Professor is working and will be pushing out stuff over the period. Just to keep you all entertained.


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