07 December 2010


Oh say it ain't so!!!

None other than Infoworld long a supporter of and indeed for many the voice of the Crackberry Generation has served up a rather disquieting analysis of the state of Play - iPhone vs Crackberry vs Android.

I love my Blackberry. I have a Bold 9700. One of my team just acquired a 9780 from T Mobile and it has evolved a little bit more. I have played with the 9800 Torch and its very good but its not an iPhone killer. It still does what Crackberries do best. Better email, better security and its a reasonable Phone. Unlike its competitors which are useless in at least 2 out of those three.

For me - there is still a significant set of issues with Android devices. They are like an early version of Windows and Linux - unpolished would be a kind word for it. The HTC devices are getting pretty darn good though. Look for the next generation to be acceptable. iPhone is like all things Apple, beautiful, arrogant and expensive. For me its just way too expensive. Not the device but the business model that i have to pay for. Oh yes and the phone is useless.

The faithful are awaiting the Playbook - aka Crackberry Tablet - but by then the choice will be either the next version of the iPad or the Crackberry non-3G device a rough and ready companion only or Wifi product. However IF they can arrange for BBM to tunnel through so that there would be no roaming charges for Playbook usage - then it would have a winner. But that is my dream and has a zero chance of being adopted.

Come on RIM - don't abandon us yet. Don't be the Nokia or Palm you are heading to be.

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