08 December 2010

Ryanair Punishes Stansted

It has been a bit of sport lately watching Michael O'Leary get on his soap box about various causes in particular the one about UK APD. Air Passenger Duty. The UK Air passenger will be paying more than his fare share of tax in the coming years. The UK increase is significant making it the most costly of any market in Europe. In contrast Ireland has just cut its tax from 10 euros to 3. So if you want to save money hop on a flight to DUB and then catch a FR flight or even another airline.

But what of this loss.

Traffic declined more than 10%. Ouch. FR reduced its footprint at STN by 17%. That's a lot. But the traffic decline is not just because Ryanair cut capacity - but because Britain is fast becoming a poor country.

However UK being a net contributor to the EC will have to ride it out.

For a more in depth review read this article from ABTN



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