27 December 2010

So Where You Gonna Spend Those Bucks In 2011?

While many of us - the Professor included - has indicated that we are going to see 2011 as the year of mobile - it seems that the guys who spend money on advertising are not so convinced.

Instead they are hoping to plop down the cash in email and social.

Here is a study graphic from research done by Strongmail. I think there might be a bit of bias in the study.

By now most of us should realize that spending money on Email for customer acquisition is become a losers game. Sure we should make sure we connect with our users but is email the only tool and the right tool for this?

Chatting with an old Direct Mail geek friend of mine he said that their business is up significantly with much growth coming from those who have tried email marketing and failed. He did point to a lack of tools and skills in doing the job which brought new customers to his door and greater throughput via his existing customers.

So lets see if he/they are right next year


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