04 December 2010

Who You Are + What You Do

Its Saturday - time for a little lighter point rather than dull old travel.

Question - what is the one man made object that you interact with/touch more than anything?

The answer is at the bottom of this post. However if you were to ask the question 40 years ago the answer would have been a packet of cigarettes.

I was intrigued by a Forbes Article on Celebrities and their phones of choice. It must have been a slow news day. Obviously I don't care about Celebrities (OK I do occasionally pick up People magazine in the supermarket) but what phones and how they are used does fascinate me.

Regular readers will recall some of my rants about the iPhone and Apple's business Model.

I was finally able on a day trip across my State to catch a TED Talks. I was a significant Genesis fan in my day and now enjoy listening to them with more of a nostalgic sense. However I admire Peter Gabriel and his focus on doing good. Particularly on the WITNESS project. Check out this video on his motivation behind WITNESS. How the camera phone has now revolutionized citizen activism is pretty well known. For those of us who live in western style democracies we take these freedoms for granted. (If they are indeed freedoms - let's call them Liberties instead). Those who live under some more formalized totalitarian type governments where deviation from a set norm is frowned on or worse are not so lucky. There are indeed some countries that have banned camera phones and others that ban cameras of one type or another.

SO as you pick up that thing today - think about that.


Answer: Your mobile Phone.
And I dont know who to thank for the great picture of a Blackburry Bold 9000 with stuff on it.

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