14 January 2011

Airports Need An Aptitude Test For Users

I travel a lot.

I have decided there needs to be a real aptitude test for the users of terminals. This includes employees but mostly for TRAVELLERS. Chris Elliot also has a similar post on his blog and some interesting videos.

Its very simple you stand in front of a self service machine - you follow the onscreen instructions and prove the following:

1. You know your left from your right
2. You know your front from the back and up from down
3. You can prove that you can read a sign from 6 feet away (extra points if its right beside you)
4. You can prove that you are able to listen to instructions and execute them without stress or training.

The test should take 30 seconds. Once proved you get a tag that will let you move about the airport without restriction. Those who fail are required to go into the airport slow lane

Thank you for reading this

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