16 January 2011

The CTA Continues To Spread Untruths

I came across another untruth - I leave it up the the user to determine if I should have used stronger words

Here is a statement from a recent post from Charlie Leocha.

Find it here.

"Give me a break. First AA hides their ancillary fees from passengers by not revealing them to travel agents of any kind. Next, they decide that they need to make airfares more difficult to compare by trying to force an untested and flawed propriety ticketing pipeline on travel agents and hence consumers."

Both these statements which underpin his whole story are clearly and patently untrue.

The proof can be found on every airlines' website. Not only is it the right thing to do - the airlines are compelled by law to provide full information on their product pricing.

With regard to making it more difficult - the process is common and has been in place for more than 3 years and is used in more than 50 countries around the world (including the USA).

Last time I checked it is not the responsibility of the airline to ensure that the legacy GDSs invest in their infrastructure to support the changes in the marketplace.

Sadly these legacy GDS companies have decided that it is better to bribe travel agents and hire expensive lobbying firms rather than invest in their products to meet the needs of the market.

I would be MORE than happy to spend time with Charlie or anyone else to explain how the system works.


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