03 January 2011

Strange Bedfellows

I have wanted to do a story that used an image from this movie for absolutely AGES... so here it is.

So here we have Fairsearch.org. Whose spokescartoon is Bob (that was the clue). FS.org has the following members:

Expedia.com, Hotwire and TripAdvisor; Farelogix Inc.; Foundem; KAYAK, SideStep; Level...com; Microsoft; and Sabre Holdings, and its brands Travelocity and ZUJI.

At the same time Expedia and Orbitz together with Sabre and Travelport are aligned against American Airlines who is using the services of Farelogix.

At the same time who is a founder member with several airlines ARC, and ATPCo and a broad section of players in OpenAxis Group.

Who in turn have a lot of common members in Open Travel.

Now here is the key question.

Which of all the organizations and companies on the front lines are actually not members of any of these groups?

if you can guess... then send me an email.


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