05 February 2011

Are We Reaching Saturation In Transformation To Digital Media

There are a number of interesting trends that I follow. At the moment I believe we are starting to see a point of saturation in the adoption of digital media.

One of the stats I saw recently gave me pause for thought. The numbers in my view didn't make a lot of sense.

So I did a bit of poking around. This study is from Strata media. So the numbers for TV seem to be a bit high. Then you realize who owns them. Comcast.

So in my view these numbers are skewed against digital. So I would think that digital is already higher in value.

Perhaps now is the time to consider what happens when the rest of the world bails from the traditional media outlets and piles into digital. In my view this will be a bad thing especially for the smaller guy. Good of course for the Googleplex and the big digital properties such as Facebook.



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