13 February 2011

For Valentines Day - 10 Reasons Why Luggage Beats Partners

So I will admit to being a bit of a softie.

When Professor Pamela of Cloud 12 PR send this to me - I could not resist it. And I am not one to actually to promote a product but for this time I will make an exception. You will have to find your own way to the company's website though ;-)


Below are 10 of the reasons buying or gifting a high quality bag is a better emotional investment than embarking on yet another relationship:

1. Love doesn’t always last. Briggs and Riley luggage does.

2. You can rest assured that good luggage will not unzip when it shouldn’t.

3. Overstuffed luggage will never ask you if it looks fat

4. Your mother will always approve of good luggage

5. You can shut good luggage up and it will stay shut

6. Good luggage is always available for an impromptu romantic vacation

7. Good luggage actually makes your life easier

8. Good luggage won’t look you up on Facebook ten years from now

9. Good luggage will look as good on your 20 year anniversary as it did the day you bought it

10. Till death do us part is sort of morbid. A lifetime warranty isn’t.

Briggs and Riley offers the strongest guarantee in the industry. Simple as that®.
The guarantees that other brands offer have limits. Ours doesn’t. Our lifetime performance guarantee covers ordinary wear and tear, airline damage and is good on every bag we make.

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