13 February 2011

Nervous Eyes On EXPE and OWW Monday Morning

After a rather calamitous collapse of both Expedia and Orbitz on Friday Feb 11th - all eyes will be on those stocks.

With a significant downgrade from Deutsche Bank last week - the midnight oil is probably being burned in Chicago and Bellevue.

With Amadeus announcing it was finally getting out of the Online World - but at a decent price - then surely OWW and EXPE should have been winners. Opodo is but a fraction of EXPE's traffic and clout.

PCLN is continuing to grow in stature and value.

And what of the airlines?

The airlines are trading pretty much as a group - other than United who seems to be the breakout guy.

Clearly when taken in context - the airlines and OTAs battle is not going unnoticed by the stock market.

Nail Biting time


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