28 March 2011

As Big Search Screws SMEs - They Turn To Social

More evidence that Search is becoming uneven when dealing with small and large enterprises. As SEO and other techniques mature - the poor little guy keeps getting beaten up by the antics of Big Brands and Google's relentless mission to control the web. So what does he do? He turns to the tried and tested/true methods he has always deployed. Search is a losers game for the small local guys. And as I have written - such grouped buying or coupon businesses such as Groupon don't do it either.

Sadly - the small player has little chance against the might of the big guys. Thus they have to find other words to promote their businesses. Travel is often about the little guy. He/She doesn't have the benefit of local. So this makes for a tough choice for long tail Travel players. However the Social Media platform is spawning solid Social Commerce. Let's hope that the Googleplex doesn't assimilate that also.

Check out this piece from eMarketer on the subject.


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