15 March 2011

Gaming The Blogging System: Comfort_Hotels Should be Ashamed

Some Time Ago - I noted that a certain hotel in India started to post comments which were not appropriate and designed to act as a free way to promote this hotel.

Well - now I have another hotel - this time in the USA trying to do this as well.

Here is the comment they tried to post thinking that they would get SEO mileage from it:
Comfortsuiteshuntingtonbeach.com is one of the most leading Huntington Beach Hotel & Orange county hotels. Comfortsuiteshuntingtonbeach.com is unique choice in Disneyland hotels for Comfort Suites & memorable Huntington Beach visits.

So @Comfort_Hotels...I hope you are listening because now your chap has pissed me off.

I will also Tweet this so that their corporate brand people can have a taste of this.

Moral of the story - Don't Game The System.... it really isn't nice.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

A simple "Grammargator" app could expunge SEO fake-outs as they always seem to have errors in english grammar. This sample has at least two.

Maybe there is an app for that.