28 March 2011

Hello Earth to Avis.......... Anyone Home? The Crass Promotion

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Does that apply to blogging?

Case in point Avis is trying to reward me for my loyalty by offering a new program called "Get Away". It should be called "Go Away".

They unleash this product before it was ready. Shame on the IT team and the product team for letting it out the door before it was ready. But wait it gets better.

I have to register for the promotion. OK I get that you don't want to make it TOO easy. But that is not the issue. The issue is that it makes me do a number of unnatural acts.

Here are a few from the selection:

1. I have to choose a new password.
2. This password has a completely different convention from the main site password even though I will be using the same ID (My Wizard number) as the identification.
3. Oh yes - it must have a maximum of 6 characters.
4. No you cant use all numbers and all letters
5. Nor even less than 6 characters. (NOTE items 3-5 are only found by trial and error.)
6. The error tells you to contact a specific Avis number. Right about now my blood is boiling... 2 voice menus later I get through to a human. (See below for the rest of the story).

So my dear friends at Avis... please don't subject your customers to this kind of crass stupidity. You only piss us off.

And the rest of the story...

Yes the system is down. Can't think why....

To the nice people at Avis's call centre I spoke to - thank you. To Avis Corporate... shame on you. Next time - before you unleash it on the public... make your VP of Ecommerce actually try it out.


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