31 March 2011

Privacy and the Military

There is an andecotal story told about the Israeli Army. The State Telephone monopoly in Israel used to be so bad that the adoption of mobile phones was fast and almost universal.

The story goes like this. On a routine Army patrol when a soldier was doing his military service in Israel - his mother called said soldier. Which gave away their location due to the loud ringing noise. A firefight ensued.

Fast forward to today and mobile phones are ubiquitous. But the military cannot control who has a phone and who doesn't. Further they cannot control the configuration of a smart phone.

But who knew... the US military has a Social Media group. Actually several. The Army has one. The Online and Social Media Division.

Regular readers know I have this thing about privacy. I think it must be taken seriously and privacy must be protected.

Well here is the OFFICIAL US Army slide show on the subject. There is also a handbook you might be interested in.



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