22 March 2011

Twitter - matures but end of stellar growth

Just when I seem to get Twitter its huge growth spurt starts to fizzle out.

Using Data from Pew research - eMarketer has found that in fact the use of Twitter is actually quite thin. And its growth will peak this year.

In my view Twitter has evolved into a standardized form of communication that makes great sense for some specific applications particularly for communicating on a multi-level scale. It is great for the one to many and even one to one. The driving force of Twitter was its personal communication but I believe that Facebook has thwarted that. As a result Twitter will evolve more slowly. And in my view that is not a bad thing.

The eMarketer analysis is entitled a look at the true Twitter audience. However I think that the basis of the study is based on the believe that Twitter's chief users are females. I believe that this doesnt equate to the audience in reality.

I think it is important to consider things in context.

Anyway - give the teaser paper a read and then if you feel inclined then buy the report.


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