04 April 2011

Hello Remember Me?

Yes this is about ME!

With thanks to the Baby Boomer Network for the image!

So this is not about you this is all about me today. Marketers in the rush to own the next gen of Digikids have been avoiding the Boomer Generation that has powered the growth for well nigh on 30 years. As we (yes I am one) start to leave the active market we are being replaced by a bunch of ADD scatty kids. Don't get me wrong - I love them.

However we do need people to remember us old timers. We still have a lot of clout and cash to spend. And we are willing to spend it (No matter what our kids and grandkids are thinking). That old story about he with the most toys wins, nope we are now into experiences. Travel we are going to keep on doing that till we just physically cant.


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