08 April 2011

iAds. The Peak of Apple Hubris

Can the house that Steve built do any wrong?

Well it seems that Apple may have another Lisa on its hands. Adweek picked up a story from Business insider.

Seems the faithful are going to have to work a bit harder. The asking price of iAds going in put it out of reach of all but the VERY VERY BIG brands. Even content aggregators would find it hard with a carousel type product.

Fortunately while Apple seems to be following Google and Facebook in their pursuit of the very big brands, there are some savvy folks out there who have developed tools to place social ads into the Apps world.

This doesn't mean that Apple has failed (yet). But they have slashed the ask in price by 50%. And uncharacteristically - Apple has open Ad sales positions.

This could be the peak of the Apple Hubris... yes? no? Well I guess we shall see.


With thanks to dipity for the image of an Apple Lisa computer. Steve's last big bomb.

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