04 April 2011

Migration for Magazine and Newsprint Players Not Fast Enough

This is a follow up to my piece last week...

It seems there is more evidence to support the stupid theory.

Like many things today - the explosion of online information - most of it free has changed the way we consume information. But we have yet to figure out the way to monetize this.

Well our friends over at eMarketer are not going to make you any happier with this piece. The expenditure in online consumption is not keeping pace with the loss of traditional media forms revenue.

I don't think they are going to ever get it. The stupid is that the publishers are trying to restrict the way we consume media on these new digital devices. In my view the lazy way is one use one device vs my preferred choice - and that of most people which is one use one user.

Consider this if you will. I have a portable form of a copyright material. I can play my CD or my DVD on any machine I choose (provided that it has the right play system on it!!!). Ditto for the prior issue of cassettes and vinyl. Today's media products are far more portable but some stupid publishers are trying to restrict how we consume.

Guys get with the program. You can do a better job than this. Don't kill the fatted calf.

Just my advice. Its free - you may now go about your daily chores.


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