08 April 2011

Objectivity In Content Curation Can Provide Brand Value

I love to see the English language extended. However I hate to see it abused. Today's word (Sesame Street Lovers) is CURATION.

Wikipedia gives it a definition that is not quite what is meant by our friends over at
eMarketer. But have a look at the definition. US Content Curation firm Hivefire has a product called Curata. OK I realize we have extended the language to the point of absurdity here but hear with me. They have some interesting tools for managing the deluge of data and information out there.

Establishing the value of a brand with Trust - real trust not manufactured or gamed is a goal for everyone. Providing neutral expert advise - candidly - can give the brand a boost. Examine the sites that are closely associated to individuals, Fare Compare and Rick Seaney for example. Rick is seen as an expert in his field. It adds to the value of the FareCompare brand.

Jan Carlson famously of SAS talked about the number of Touchpoints between an airline and the traveller. In today's Social Media connected world those touchpoints rise much higher and are truly all part of the brand value. EVERY TOUCHPOINT matters. Curation is a reinforcement of that.

Failing to demonstrate you know what you are talking about takes away from the authenticity of your brand.

So sloughing it off and ignoring the issue is not an option in today's Social world.

Think about it


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