17 April 2011

UK Travel Online Not Quite So Healthy

While the whole UK market for products sold via the web had a healthy boost in March and continued its move upwards, Travel took a stumble last month in the market.

As reported in etid, The latest figures released by the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index have registered falling online travel sales for the first time in a year

In the UK, during March a year-on-year increase of 14%, also meant overall the first quarter grew by 18%, the largest first quarter growth since 2008.

However, the trend was not mirrored by the travel industry which saw a year-on-year fall of 2% in online sales as well as a 15% drop on February’s sales.

This is likely driven by the late Easter and the general UK economic conditions which have continued to show travel sales falling in what was once Europe's largest market for Travel.

As Chris Nixon, managing director at Kelkoo Travel, said 'With online travel bookings across Europe set to account for 35% of the total travel market in 2011 and predicted to be worth £73.7bn, the internet is an essential way of searching for the best prices across both low cost and traditional airlines.’

UK is going to continue to struggle for some time. And yes there will be more casualties with the market resembling a lot of walking wounded.


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