24 May 2011

Its Happening Again.....

Ash Cloud Mania sweeps the tabloids and Sky News.

This time the airlines are emboldened by the stunt last year by British Airways then CEO (and former pilot) Willie Walsh taking the controls and flying through the Ash Cloud.

This year Ryanair was first off the mark with MD and non pilot (formally he was a trained accountant) Michael O'Leary leading the flight (from his desk chair) into the Ash Cloud.

Sadly the lessons learned from last year do not seem to have been visited equally on all the stakeholders.

However once again - the Professor will state clearly that discretion and erring on the conservative side is a better way forward.

One here is a thought. You can be sure that when push comes to shove - Ryanair will likely quietly pension off that plane and sell it. So plane spotters try and find the registration and send it over.

Also on a personal note - the Professor is flying in the wee small hours of May 25th from India to UK. Then on the date when the concentrations are predicted to be at their highest - May 27/28 I shall be flying to Germany and then back home to the USA. Why do I think this may be a personal plot!!!!

Gotta love this stuff.

We could not make it up.


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Ashley said...

I enjoyed reading the blog and will definitely be back:)