31 May 2011

Its a Sharing Caring Day At The PS Blog

Understanding the Social Graph is becoming a must have skill. But I am not fully prepared for it despite having read enormous amounts on the subject.

Trying to comprehend the relationship between the data that gets generated, the real relationships and the way the social platform interacts is not a science but more of an art form. For sure no one fully understands it.

I did read a recent article that goes a long way to help understanding how the sharing habits work. Further how an individual works and how they collaborate, share with different people. However for all the science in here, I cannot help but be drawn to the conclusion that individuals are not going to be labelled or constrained. Further projecting the possible options of their behaviour is not going to be any form of perfect science to predict precise actions.

The thought that keeps popping into my head is that - in many respects we are playing trainer's game IE we are behaving the way that is expected of us.

How does Google see it... predictably the the fiendish Google colyte technicians are treating us like lab rats in the Googleplex. AOL commissioned a study and examined (presumable with some approval) the content of many messages trying to understand how people behave. This is what they learned. This image is from an eMarketer review of the results of this data.

if you still feel a bit bemused by the whole thing you are not alone. The Professor too is struggling with that. But rest assured we are all caring for each other....


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