30 May 2011

Oops Another Delta Porkie Pie. 100% Wifi

Delta currently claims to offer Wifi on every domestic Mainline Aircraft Flight in the Continental USA.

Not so.

There are several ETOPS ex-TWA aircraft that don't have it. So accordingly on the following flight... there was no wifi.

Flight: Delta 1843
Departs: 3:55 pm from New York - Kennedy, New York
Arrives: 7:20 pm at Seattle, Washington
Meals: Lunch

Tsk Tsk Delta.

Note that I did ask the Flight Attendant who checked with the pilot and no - there was no Wifi on this particular aircraft. Further it was the usually scheduled equipment. (VERY NICE SEATS if they worked properly).

A Delta crew member deadheading on the flight advised that there are actually 6 different configurations of DL 757s including the 2 configs of NW aircraft, the exTWA group, the conventional DL domestic and the pure Delta ETOPS planes. There is another group but I was unable to ascertain which they are.


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Anonymous said...

The promise of wifi relates to equipment used, not the city pairs. Some days certain JFK-SEA flights operate with internationally-configured aircraft (16 Business Elite seats in the front cabin instead of 22/24/26 domestic F seats). Similarly, there are widebodies with typical intercontinental duties - 777-200s, 767-3300ERs among others - that do some domestic runs. These, too, don't carry the weight of wifi equipment. But, if you can show us a Delta promise of wifi, please do.