05 June 2011

737 Option for 1/2 point upgrade

It seems that Boeing is making noises to prepare the market for a re-engined 737 NG rather than the entirely new plane that has been mooted.

The logic is inescapable. The majority of users are the new low cost category who are using A320s and 737NGs. Therefore the cost of acquisition plays a big role. But with oil stubbornly stuck in the $100pbl and above - the case for fuel efficiency is decidedly there.

With both the C Series and the A320NEO now on firm path for delivery in 2015 (actually most of the 2016 slots are sold out already) Boeing needs to stop the rot.

With the new aircraft not having an EIS of 2020 or later - this is too much of a gap for the Chicago based firm

So Boeing makes noises to try and stop people defecting.

Well it will be interesting


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