30 June 2011

Is WAYN For Real?

I am sure that Kim is very nice but I have no idea who she is and why she has anything to do with my travel.

Well WAYN seems to have a secret sauce that thinks that I as a dirty old man will like Kim. And that she (personally) has been dying to know what I think of her. As I while my time away with my head in books as opposed to living on Facebook or gawking at girls on the WAYN site, I hate to disappoint both Kim and WAYN but I am not interested.

So with all due respect to Kim and many other girls that WAYN has been sending my way for some nefarious reasons I will decline.

One day perhaps they will just stop doing it. But in the mean time - it is clear that WAYN like Florida Orange Juice - isn't just for breakfast or any other time of day for that matter.


1 comment:

Mel Lifshitz said...

I think there are real people in there but just like most social networking sites, the admins create fake accounts to attract new users especially males users.