05 June 2011

The Web's Had an Impact - Yes Really Here's Proof.

Has the internet changed our lives?


Any questions?

What - you still don't believe. Where have you been hiding? Under some rock in the Gobi desert I would think.

OK but to what extent has the web changed our lives, our enterprises, our future and that of our kids?

In a very detailed and actually quite compelling piece of reading - McKinsey has done a nice piece on this. Entitled Its quite long 70 Pages but worth the read. I have skimmed through it and on one of the next flights I take I will try and labour through the whole document. In the mean time - I recommend that you read it and reflect.The report titled Internet Matters can be downloaded for free after signing up. Click the link and follow the instructions.

Now about that Betamax machine everyone has been talking about.


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