30 June 2011

Why I am Tired Of Working For Google...

One of my pet peeves about the development of product today is that as a user I am expected to do things over and above and beyond being - er - well - a USER!

And really I am SO TIRED of having to tell Google what is crappy about their system.

And here we have it again. Another Lite product from the Googleplex. You would think after so many failed efforts in the Social Space to replicate or combat (or both) Facebook that they would put out something that was more fully featured and well frankly not as lame as Google+.

AS we saw Google's first efforts in air - the schedule tool - is pretty darn lame to start with. And we should no longer be surpirsed. What we are seeing is that Google's output is increasingly built on a familiar formula.

V1 - TRUE beta - lame product with a lot of promise and minimal functionality.
V2 - the first real effort based on what the Googleplex drones have slaved away to develop for the hive. The drones have in most cases no idea what they are doing but the Acolytes take the overt and the covert learning and try and built a product. In the early days this used to be pretty good - but lately it has been more like a microsoft V1 product.
V3 - the first product that actually functions properly - typically delivered 2 years after V1 and the first to have the word "BETA" removed from it.

Google+ is following this very tired formula.

Yes I am tired and frustrated with Google for doing such a poor job. With all your squillions you should consider paying us rather than pocketing the cash and making us pay with our increasingly shorter leisure time.

So am I an unpaid Google worker? Yes. Because they take my data and manipulate it. And yes because they steal time from me with their less than perfect apps that make me work their way, not the best way.

Of course I could just stop using Google and its applications.

Couldn't I?

........ message terminated by order of the Googleplex.

PROFESSOR’S TRUE NOTE. As soon as I wrote the word – GOOGLEPLEX – my Blogger account started showing an error. Coincidence or are the REALLY watching.


Mel Lifshitz said...

Google should just stick with search. Social Media is already dominated by Facebook and Twitter. Their Google Buzz, an attempt to have a twitter-like product is a big failure.

Luxury Flats Barcelona said...

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Professor Sabena said...

So thanks for your comments... I will add another annoyance.

Because Google is wanting to rain on Facebook's parade - now I have to engage in a process of DUPLICATING everything in G+.

How arrogant is that?

Someone rescue us from this crap.