24 July 2011

Are Tablets A Guy Thing?

I am a bit of a geek. It drives my family nuts when they see if I have the latest gadget. Latterly I have tried to moderate the number of devices I have. Consuming precious electricity and scarce resources - especially rare earths. But I still like them. The one I am having a lot of travel with is the iPad. Yes I have one. Its pretty cool. However I have tried to get used to it by playing games and reading books on it. Not that great an experience but these are early days. Finding the right apps that will be appropriate for me - is an interesting process. So far I use about 10 apps on a fairly regular basis. Some of the same that I use on a regular basis on my laptop.

In my view this is very much a 1.0 product. It has great potential but that doesn't make it ideal yet. Even as a "third" device that I believe it will become. (Laptop being one, mobile being two.

I struggle with the notion of having to be always on. Having used a 3G connection exclusively for the past 3 weeks - I cant wait to get back to full time broadband all I can eat - but that will have to wait for another 2 weeks.

A study by Gfk MRI makes for interesting reading. There is a definite gender bias towards the devices. Moreover the usage of these devices paints a picture I would not have expected. IE that the Tablet and eReader community are heavy written word consumers. While it is natural to assume that people read alot via these devices I am surprised at the amount of conventional book, magazine and newsprint they consume. Check out the press release on the study.

Forrester and Bizrate also have some interesting insights into the usage of these devices.

Here is where you should be able to see a presentation. It was down the last time I checked but hopefully it will be back up on Monday,


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