08 July 2011

Thoughts On the News Of The World

Truly they say the sins of the fathers are visited on their children ... so it is that Murdoch the younger one James (well at least the current fave) had to take the fall for the goings on at the News of the World.

For those of you who have never read the News of the World - the largest selling English language news paper - you have been missing a treat.

Here is just a brief sample from the website today:


I leave the link in the clear so you can appreciate the artistry of the headline and URL writing.

This is British Tabloid journalism at its finest. However sadly this is to end on Sunday July 10th 2011 when the last edition will appear. Thus ending 168 years of sensational and truth bending yellow journalism.

The organ known variously as:

News of the Screws
The Church Times

and other less than subtle or kind words. Old man Rupert Murdoch has leveraged his ownership and profit into a number of UK based businesses over the years. Now his sons are running the business and possibly his daughter too.

Closing the News of the World is a bad decision in my view. The management and News International's supervision of the paper and its staff are the problem. The Newspaper with all its sleeze and junk is only the product of people.

Who did what and how that was approved was plain bad and wrong and the people responsible should be punished. Shuttering the venerable newspaper as a result is a waste. At the very least the organization should have put the paper up for sale.

Are there some lessons here?

yes - brand value no matter how deep can be lost easily and quickly. This is probably an example of come-uppance for the paper that has raked mud over any celebrity from A listers to D Listers.


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Mel Lifshitz said...

That puts the traditional media to shame. They got no other important news too share that they assorted to such BS.