27 August 2011

Farewell Steve And A Deep Sense Of Thanks

Steve Jobs announced his exit from the management but not the soul of Apple. Notwithstanding the appalling pictures of him on TMZ (if they are to be believed) Steve’s impact on our lives has been deep and far reaching. I wont dwell on his many accomplishments but take from his work one thing.

Innovation is fundamental to our being.

Innovation and true advances are not achieved by consensus and SWOT analyses. They are driven by people who think and work hard. Who are contrarian. They are delivered by passionate people who believe even though perhaps every ounce of their being tells them it is – well wrong or worse even stupid. Something drives innovators. Steve was the epitome of someone who can make that happen. What Steve did was to be truly his own man. He made his own rules. He didn’t care about standards. He didn’t care about what people thought. He only cared about what his ego drove him to do. And this in our homogenized Googlesque world was iconic and – well different.

So from the bottom of my heart – I just want to say thanks for inspiring lots of people, me included.

I am not an Apple lover. I still use a WINTEL based PC. Sure I have an iPod and an iPad, I hate many of their commercial terms – don’t get me started again on the iPhone’s business model. But I respect and admire Apple enormously.

Steve – get better soon and again, thanks

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Stephanie said...

This man will be missed. :(