27 August 2011

Google Chairman Delivers Public Caning To Britain

Outspoken (and now kicked upstairs)Google Chairman Eric Schmidt delivered a public tongue lashing to Britain's education system on its lack of focus on Computer Science.

While I usually dislike his points of view, I have to agree with him. Britain's focus on teaching in just about all sectors is a farce.

Successive governments have screwed the once proud system to the lowest common denominator. The standards of everyone was effectively lowered with the implementation of GCSEs and constant adjustments of the rules results in ineffective results with great soundbites. Read a rather disheartening set of stories in the Grauniad.

Sadly with education now saddled with incredible overheads and bureaucracy and corresponding cost - we are unlikely to see any meaningful changes from the public education system.

But take heart, Google is going to give you money to learn how to produce videos.

Just what the country (with the most CCTV coverage of any nation) needs.

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