14 August 2011

Healthy Meals - No Thanks - I will Have The Other One

I fly on a lot of planes.

I travel in front and the back of the bus

I have this inane sense that actually the airline does owe me a meal no matter what I paid for the ticket. But of course we don't always think logically. The Wall Street Journal's middle seat blog did an analysis of airline food. Its a good piece to read.

One of the advices given was to pack your own food. Great - but where can I do that when I am on the road for 6 weeks?

So what do I do to make it a bit better.

I usually find that there is a sushi restaurant in most airports that I fly out of. this is a healthy option. I try and get them to give me the light soya. I try and buy Turkey sandwiches if I can. Also I try and choose fruit when I am able.


Many times - its the shortest line and the easiest comfort food that wins. Perhaps the airlines and the airports should get together and figure out how to improve the health of the travellers.

Nah... that ain't NEVER going to happen.


As an aside here - if you want to try and think about healthy food and the whole process of food and nutrition you might want to check out this blog:

- Click on the blog.

Sure its one of squillions - but it will cause you to think about the process of nutrition.

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