14 August 2011

I really Wanted the Playbook But Bought an iPad

Sadly Blackberry screwed up royally.

The Blackberry playbook now has to be regarded as one of the worst product ideas ever.

I tried to use it in a few retail outlets and found the device either not working or the staff unable to demonstrate it. When I did find someone knowledgeable - the product was really inadequate. I waited to try the Crackberry tablet first before I really spent any time with the iPad.

Sorry but the Crackberry doesn't come close.

I am sort of OK with the iPad. I am still debating whether i will continue to carry it with me when I travel. I like a lot of things about it. But hate a lot of things as well. Its an annoyance that makes the device difficult to use and value.

I hate the compromises that Apple makes as they take their role of Gatekeeper far too seriously.

Oh well... I guess I might be happy by the time iPad 5 comes along.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You should have gotten an Android tablet; no Gatekeeper, no toy-like OS. A few less apps, for now, that's all, but all else makes up for it.

It's probably not too late for you to return the iPad.