21 August 2011

Nike vs Shakespeare

There are many schools of thought on the web about the use of language. Some decry the shortening of the English Language (sorry for those of you who are not native English speakers - I am not good at the subtly of other languages). Yet others decry the over use of words in explaining things.(Prof: Yes I am MORE than guilty of this).

But a very interesting comment from Gerry McGovern this week on the absolute crap we get in our in boxes daily. Drivel driven announcements of less than useful value.

Last week I wrote about the Qantas marketing spin on their new direction. Gerry's column picks on more.

So here is a thought.

Decide if you are Shakespeare (in which case dont impose that on me) or if you are Nike (short sharps stuff I can use).

These days information overload demands Nike.


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