19 August 2011

One Head Now Hangs On Googlrola Belt - HP Dumps WebOS - The End of Palm

In the long term battle for dominance in the Mobile space - the number of players has been way too many.

Well scratch one from that list. WebOS or formerly PALM. HP who just last February announced a major push into mobile after it had acquired the assets of PALM - has now decided that it wont work. So its dumping the business. Ending a much sortied product line. Palm Pilot's became part of the vernacular of the 1990s. Now gone.

There is a possibility that someone might pick up WebOS and try to make a go of it - but in reality this is unlikely. The amount of investment required to revive the product and get any form of market footprint is just too daunting in both assets but more importantly time.

HP is following IBM in likely dumping also its PC business. It only goes to show that we are truly headed for a post PC world.

As I evaluate whether to acquire a MAC - I am struggling to justify my position. But after a year of a PC with solid state disks and a wimpy 250GB - I better have something a lot better this time around.


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Melly Lifshitz said...

Wow! That was fast. Just a couple of days back, I heard about the partnership. Now the two are already couple with a couple's names (Googlrola). Reminds me of Brangelina. Lol!