22 August 2011

So You Think The Consumer Is Stupid? Guess Again

I have this strong belief that Web Advertisers are just like traditional marketeers - you treat the customer like he is - well - an idiot at worst - at best not that smart.

However I don't share this view. In general I believe that consumers on the web are smart and getting smarter.

And we better pay attention to it. Because if we don't then they will switch off. Just like they have done in the past with other advertising channels that treated them the same way.

Well it seems that there is some evidence to support my supposition.

Check out this article from eMarketer (yes - I do like their stuff). This report is relevant from two perspectives. One that it demonstrates (at least to my tiny mind) that the consumer is getting smarter, but also that the consumer is well aware of what is going on.

Treat the consumer with care. At least with respect.


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