20 August 2011

Tell It Like It Is - Skroo!

I admire Flight Centre. Arguably one of the most successful businesses in Travel Retail. I spend a fair amount of time working and analyzing the Australian market. The recent upheaval at Qantas and its refocused direction on both Jetstar and a diminished uber brand as well as expansion outside of its home market has drawn a lot of local criticsm. But FCL has been largely supportive.

It's outspoken CEO has a really great nickname. Graham Turner is known as Skroo. Pronounced the way it sounds.

While applauding QF's acknowledgement of its issues and being supportive - he could not help but give a little barb onto the way the information was delivered. Judging by the personalized communication message I received (which was really naff in my book) it seems that the airline's marketeers were scrambling to put a bit of spin on the subject matter.

Great quote from Travel Weekly Australia.
QANTAS MARKETEERS, no doubt, agonised,
sweated and debated long into the night - many
nights probably - over the ad campaign which
accompanied the carrier's announcements this
Under the slogan "a new spirit" images of
children were used to portray the message that
Qantas may be taking a new path but you know
what: we'll always be Australian (said with chest
puffed out and that goo). We like straight talkers
here at Final Call and couldn't help but admire the
considered view of Flight Centre's Skroo Turner.
“I don't know who dreamed that up and I don't
know who it's aimed at. But it's meaningless
Tell us what you really think Skroo.

Gotta love those Bruce's and Sheilas.


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John Pope said...

Well done on this, again, Professor. Let it be a lesson to us all.

Would help if we could easily Tweet your posts to the masses though. Wise words should not be restricted, please set them free.