27 September 2011

Big Brother Facebook IS Watching You - Just Like Google

I used to think that Google was Big Brother.  But in recent months I have started to see that both Apple and Facebook are doing the same to me.

There seems to be an open season on my privacy that Google, Apple and Facebook (F.A.G.) believe that I have to modify my behaviour to opt out of their control. The FAG Triumvirate seem to believe that they and  they alone - are the the new domain rulers of the universe - known and unknown

In my view this level of control and intrusion into my privacy should not be an automatic opt in but an automatic opt out.

The issues of Like and Unlike and how users are interacting with them and this is modifying human behaviour online - and presumeably off line as well - is important to our whole social intercourse. Have a look at this article in eMarketer for some statistics.

Apple understands now my taste in music and this is a surrogate for my persona. Google knows so much about me its scary. But now Facebook is doing the same. If you would like to see an example - read this blog: http://nikcub.appspot.com/logging-out-of-facebook-is-not-enough

Nik's supposition is born in fact. Interestingly Facebook's response was to determine that there was a bug that he had found. If you are a suspcious type like me - you have to think why did they not before? And I think that comes down to the crux of the matter. They are not looking because they dont want to look.

My point is that now these entities are so big and so important to our daily lives that they have a moral responsibility to address these sorts of issues.  Google's advertising revenues are now projected to massively increase. When they don't then they are failing the standard of care. A standard that should be held in the same regard as say product safety.

So let me know what you think


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