15 September 2011

Google Flight Search - Assessed

So I have been watching reading and using the Google Flight Search product. I have discussed it with my friends and colleagues

It is really fast (for obvious reasons). It has a different not necessarily better UX.

I like it in general but I cannot find a compelling reason to really like it a lot more than what I have today.

But the biggest criticism I have of it... is it doesn't work very well.

I have tried several routes and focused the routes on different hubs so that I could force a particular airline who should be present to appear.

Oops AND I THINK GFS is biased

It only delivers quality results for the airlines who use the ITA engine. You can get an answer for the other airlines and I know I will hear howls of protest about my methodology... but I know how it works and well Delta and Southwest (two of the largest brands in the USA Market) - you are going to be disadvantaged.

Thus part of the problem will be that Google's flight search will still suffer from the same level of issues that contribute to the poor experience we already get from the Meta Search engines and the OTAs.

Sure I can do more because I am an experienced power user. But sadly I do come away feeling like I have been drinking lite beer.


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Melly Lifshitz said...

So Google is now going into vertical search? Lots of Flight Search players would greatly be affected.