29 September 2011

How Many Is Too Many Apps?

OK Own up... how many Apps on your smartphone or Tablet.

Full disclosure I have way too many devices. I have 2 smartphones, an iTouch and an iPad. The most is on my iPad - 136. I have only paid for 2 of them BTW, looking at my usage. The WSJ, Tetris, Spider Solitaire and Skype are the most frequently used apps. Add in the Settings page and the broswer and that comprises about 98% of all my usage.

And are there any definitive statistics on the Apps use on tablets? Yes there is - our old friends at eMarketer have put out a compendium of surveys on the topic. 

How one finds Apps is also interesting. I talk to a lot of users about their iPad usage. I want to know who has the best apps.

At the moment I am seriously considering how to do presentations from my iPad and also how to use the iPad as an external screen for my laptop. (Just to deal with my ADHD!). I love how all the images of the iPad today only show a few apps on the screen. Mine is just like my desktop on my PC - chock full of icons. "Just in case I might need them".

With more and more Apps coming - I love the quote from HP that there will be 25 MILLION apps in a few years. We can only wonder how we are going to cope with the ability to select and manage them


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