05 September 2011

Scoot - New Singapore Long Haul LCC?

There are rumours flying around the web that Singapore's new Low Cost Long Haul Airline will be called Scoot.

Changi Airport is becoming quite a hotbed of LCC activity. The recent numbers show that LCCs are powering much of the airport's growth. Although competition from the GCC based carriers who over fly the Lion City or the explosive growth of KUL an hour's flight away has creamed off some of the lustre. Qantas's new premium airline is supposed to be based in either KUL or SIN. Chances are pretty slim that it will choose KUL in my view - that it will be based in the Malaysian Capital. Since Qantas announced its plan - a long in the works deal was announced showing Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia had agreed to broad cooperation and rationalization. Tony Fernandez will be joining the MH board as a result. Besides Jetstar already has a base in SIN.

Earlier this year - Singapore Airlines announced that it would be starting a long haul LCC using 777-200s - presumably to compete with the likes of Air Asia X which uses wide body Airbus products A330/340 and has A350s on order.

The new airline's proposed name has inadvertently leaked and it has the name Scoot. While I doubt that this would be the name according to Aviation Week quoting Ipos this is the registered brand name.

Doing the usual thing I looked up the term. I personally use the word a little differently but that's just me.Here are the usual definitions one website went into more details on the naming.

But I think the most urgent issue is to assess whether or not the name is a good one. In my view Scoot would have been better for the short haul than the long haul.Tiger would make a better long haul name. (Too bad Tiger somewhat blotted its copy book in Oz).

There are several examples of airlines that have had their names ridiculed. It is a popular past time. Just look at my name for example. SABENA was translated often into the acronym rather than the Belgian airline (formally Société Autonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne) but to "Such A Bloody Experience Never Again"

So a little more on the choice of aircraft. The 777 is wider in the cabin than the Airbus. 19ft 3 inches vs 18 ft 6 inches. Having flown the airbus - I can tell you that 10 abreast seating on these planes is pretty tight. Scoot is supposed to also have 10 abreast. 4 inches on either side of the cabin wall will make the window seats tolerable.

So here is a request. SQ please don't name your airline Scoot. Choose something a little easier and less likely to be ridiculed.


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