03 September 2011

Travel Massive Trumps Tired Ogre Tribe

Travel Tribe was a name used to describe collections of people who wanted to interact to share their passion for the subject of Travel.

There was (and still is - read further) a great group of people who started various Travel Tribes in different parts of the world.

However enter the evil Brand Owner Ogre. Seems like Travel Tribe was not just a nice informal thing that travelistas could come together. Nope. The value of the brand was just too strong to prevent the Big Brand Ogre from flexing his legal muscle.

So the heavy hand of various legal threats were made and the thriving community was forced to change their name.

But fear not - Right outweighs Might frequently on the web. In this case Legal threat Might is losing to internet social Right.

So the formerly Travel Tribe meetups are now newly named (actually for many months now) as Travel Massive. and now there are 14 of them worldwide with more forming.

So get in on the action. We also tend to have informal meet ups at conventions such as ITB (Berlin March) and WTM (London November) so enjoy it. And Ya Boo Sucks to the Travel Tribe Spoiler Ogres.


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