06 September 2011

US Airways Completes Dismantling Of Vegas Hub

When America West was in its ascendancy - it created a second hum in Las Vegas a scant 287 miles apart from its primary hub in PHX. To boost traffic it created a low price night flight set taking advantage of McCarran's no curfew restrictions on flights.

With the realignment of the merged HP+US systems Pittsburgh got the ax first. Now we are seeing Vegas move to a simple flight pattern to the respective other hubs of US. Gone the PSA shuttle from California, Gone the hub, all that will be left will be 21 flights a day. About the same as Delta American and United. Also gone about 880 jobs mostly from Vegas, the Tempe based airline will close its pilot base there. All down from the mid 1990s when it was the largest airline there.

Story and Image from Las Vegas Sun.

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