05 October 2011

iPad Browsers Killing Others Online

So while Android is doing a great job in working through the pack and like other Google powered monsters - its like PacMan it destroys everything in its path.

Not so in Browser shares on mobile devices. As you can see from the latest Browser share trends, the iPad is clearly a better device for browsers. We know its a better device for Apps based on App numbers and usage.

Sadly Opera Mini the little browser that could is being replaced in people's hearts and is headed south after blazing a trail of browsers on small aperture devices. So much for being first! And having used it vs the Safari browser I much prefer the simplicity of the Opera Browser.

So iOS5 is coming. Let's see what happens next.

And you all thought it would be a new iPhone (me included) although I did speculate that it would be kind of a ho hum release. Seems I was right


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